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திங்கள், 19 மார்ச், 2012

Prevention is better than cure...

Prevention is better than cure.

Nature our grand fathers tell this story to all of us, please close your eye and imagine this In ancient times a warrior involved in a battle the enemies cut his hand he run away from the field he run through the forest his wound part touches some leaves(herbal) when he reach his place he is cure from his wound are u belive?

What is Nature cure?
Nature cure is a system of man building in harmony with the constructive principle of nature on the physical mental & moral planes of being.

Nature through a long process of evolution has prepared and programmed the human life for 120 years. However our changing lifestyle eating& living habits and the environment continuously interfere with this natural life span and exposed the body and mind to various influences. Thus our natural life today had changed into an artificial polluted life.
Leading a life completely natural is not wholey practicable in this present era :as almost all are inevitably suffering from major or minor ailments. They can be restored to health by adopting various nature cure measures which is simple, harmless and absolutely dependable, unlike most other system.

The human body has got a remarkable recuperative power. It is composed of five elements. Imbalance of these creates disease, treatments of the disease by these elements i.e., Earth, water, fire, air and ether is know as Naturopathy…

We live today in an instant civilization. We have come to expect instant service, instant food, instant result so on and so forth. Thus we also insist on instant relief from sickness or pain. But we have forgotten the fact that illness is the result of violation of the nature laws for a long period consequently a cure also would naturally require a reasonable periods.

It is the misfortune of the nature cure system that people adopt it as the very last resort after having tied all other system and in the process having reduced their bodies too weak & having extinguished the flame of the vital forces by the use of a large variety of drugs and despite all this, they expect nature cure to provide them with instant cure.

The aim of the nature cure to activate the vital force & to excrete the accumulated poisons nature cure is a unique science with an unlimited potentiality, to cure almost all diseases with the exception of few diseases which require surgical intervention.

Naturopathy which is a wonderful drugless process of healing, Is not a miraculous panacea.

How naturopathy cures disease from other system?
Someone is suffering from chronic disease, like amoebiasis allopathic medicines, being poisonous will try to kill the amoebae(parasites) so that becomes clean without any amoebic infection but as a matter of rule, these medicine cannot destroy the eggs. Which are safely hidden inside the cyst the drugs for a periods of 7-10 days.

In case of ayurveda & unani the parasites or amoebae from the system through the rectum via. Morbid matter, but this again cannot put an end to the huge army. If taken for long time may cause other problem like ulcer, liver,& indigestion problem homeopathic medicine is a trial & error game.

Now let us analyses how naturopathy cure the disease. It start at the root, treat the disease with cold water treatments like hip bath, mud pack, enema ect. The parasite cannot thrive in the cold. Where as heat is conductive to their survival. Hence they start to dying or running slowly and steadily.

The general treatments modalities and diagnostic method employed in naturopathy are as stated below…

Naturopathic treatments

• Diet therapy

• fasting

• hydrotherapy

• mud therapy

• massage

• chromo& magneto therapy

• Acupressure& Acupuncture

• Exercise& electro therapy

• Yoga

 Yogasana

 Pranayama

 Meditation

 Yogic kriyas

 Yogic special techniques

 Suksama vyayama

 Yoga therapy


• Iris diagnosis

• Facial diagnosis

• Pulse diagnosis

• Tongue diagnosis

Thus a well balanced diet, sufficient physical exercise, the observation of the laws of well being such as fresh air , plenty of sunlight, pure drinking water, scrupulous cleanliness, adequate rest and right mental attitude can ensure proper health and prevent disease.

Prevention is better than cure.


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